A solid store of past experience.
A practical bond with the here and now.
A constant interest in the new.

That’s how Greymer interprets the world of luxury “Made in Italy” women’s footwear.

Greymer was established in 1980 in San Mauro Pascoli in province of Forlì-Cesena, with the entrepreneurial intuition and managerial spirit of Luciano Alessandri. Greymer’s strong links with the local territory were immediately apparent, expressed through a close connection with the history and culture. In the early years of the 21st century, Greymer opened a new chapter in its history, and . graphic restyling of the logo captures the essence of belonging to the territory with a strong poetic element.

When Perla Alessandri from the second generation of entrepreneurs joined the company, she consolidated the brand’s identity, transmitting a new lifeblood that looked to the future, through innovative marketing and communication strategies, with a global vision of distribution and a contemporary interpretation of the brand’s creative style.
This Greymer became a well established name in the world of luxury women’s footwear, thanks also to a forward thinking policy of brand extension with the launch of the MyGrey line.